Blogging like its 1999

DIY fix for broken laptop hinges

Poor design doesn't mean you need to throw away that old laptop

How I record music and make videos

...using the equipment I have and with free software.

A Supreme Court straying farther from mainstream

A paper by Kevin J McMahon of Trinity College in the Chicago-Kent Law Review suggests so.

Make Facebook show the right image on Wordpress links you share

Or how to get around Facebook's inability to read my mind.

Deactivated my twitter account

Twitter has become a cesspit and I don't have to listen to it anymore.


getting the garden ready

Got My Amateur Radio License

finally getting around to doing something I started out to do in the early 90s.

Running dd-wrt on a Linksys wrt1900ACS

I supported the promise of an open hardware platform and may soon be able to start using dd-wrt again.