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Tuning an electric guitar is different

Ever since getting my Gibson SG back from the shop (Sean brought it to the guy he uses to set up his guitars - thanks, Sean!) I've been playing it every day. I had mostly given up on it since I could never get it to stay in tune, but for the most part its pretty good now, despite the normal problems associated with tuning a guitar. The weird thing is that while I've been tuning instruments by ear since I was a wee lad, tuning an electric guitar seems to be different somehow. I'm not sure what the difference is from 'cello, violin, and acoustic guitar but it might be missing some harmonic resonances or something - I just can't hear it well enough to tune it properly. I end up having to use the electronic tuner at some point no matter what I do since I always end up tweaking the high E and B strings too sharp almost every time.

Nates SG