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Dark Tower on android

I was spending a lot more time playing D&D when this board game came out, but it was a big deal back then. All of the accounting for the game was handled by the tiny computer in the Dark Tower which was placed in the center of the board. The fact that the tower was actually a full up computer game was what the excitement was about. When it was your turn, you turned the tower, input your move, and watched the results of chance unfold on screen. Theres a great set of pages over at Well of Souls which goes over the game in great detail, but if you want to actually play the game (and didn't manage to keep a fully functional copy of it from back then or manage to find one on ebay) you can play it on Android! Actually you can use it in two modes: if you have the game board but the tower is broken, the android program can be set to function as just the tower, or you can play the entire game on android. Search for Droid Tower in the Android Play store.