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Palm pilot resurrection

In 2002 I got what was then the still relatively new m500 Palm Pilot. This is a greyscale version based on the older Palm Vx series form factor, they also had a color one at that time (the m505), but I wasn't impressed with the screen I saw and I knew the battery wouldn't last quite as long as on a greyscale model. I used the Palm daily, finding a multitude of free, open source and some paid software to make it more useful. I knew that the battery wouldn't last forever, but mine seemed to be lasting a whole lot longer than anyone else's that I knew of. It wasn't until the middle of last year that the battery finally bit it, and three years of almost daily use came to an end. If I had known it would be so easy to resurrect it, I wouldn't have procrastinated so long... (read on for links to the great programs I've used and how I brought it back to life)

What did I use this thing for that was so important to me?