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iN8sWoRLd Logo Contest (2004)

iN8sWorld Logo Contest Rules

original URL (Geeklog, now dead): http://in8sworld.net/article.php?story=20040122063755243

Its hard to believe that I held this contest on this site 19 years ago!

I know many of the members of this site are "lurkers" (meaning that you have signed up and visit but do not contribute stories). That's perfectly cool. However, I also happen to know that some of you are much better graphic artists than myself and since the current logo for iN8sWoRLd is pretty lame, I thought maybe you might like to contribute in a different way: I'm soliciting for entries for the first (and probably last) ever iN8sWorld logo contest. The winner of the contest gets nothing (unless you count the praise and glory).

Entries should be 400x50x256 colour transparent gifs and should contain the name iN8sWoRLd or in8sworld.net somewhere in the logo. The "he is the king" thing was a private joke between me and my daughter, so you needn't include that.

Entries should be submitted by Feb 15th, 2004.

All entries that are of a non-pornographic or otherwise offensive (as deemed by myself) nature will be posted on the site and a POLL will be configured to measure popular interest. The final judgement will be mine (I AM still the king here, after all!) and the winner will be publicly recognized for their superior skill with a featured story on this site (which will be approved and edited by the winner before submission of the story to the site).

If you have a little graphic play time this next month, please help me make in8sworld look less hack! Thanks!

iN8sWorld Logo Contest Results

original URL (Geeklog, now dead): http://in8sworld.net/staticpages/index.php?page=20040122215011495

Thank you all for your contribution! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Now is the time to pick a winner. Please evaluate all the submissions and choose your favourite in the poll at left! See This Story [ed: the bit in the section above] for rules and details

Update, Feb 18 2004: With half the members reporting, the leader so far is TSlater's 2nd contribution. To fit this submission into the image size requirements, I've had to modify it a bit. I've put it up in the logo position so you can see how it looks. I have not inserted this logo into all the other styles, and I won't do that till the contest is officially over! The poll will end on Feb 22nd, so as to give the 10 members who have not voted a chance to do so. The contest ends when I say it does, since i AM still the king after all!

Update, Feb 22 2004: With 11 votes in the winner of the poll was TSlater's submission #4!

Link to the poll results removed since that only worked on Geeklog

However, if you look at the results, Bassman actually won more total votes since his submission was in two places (#1 and #8). Did I hurt his chances by modifying his original submission? In any case, TSlater's logo is up there right now but I think I'll be getting Bassman's up there shortly to see how it works out up there soon.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out!

Submission #1 Jan. 22, 2004

The very first submission is from "Bassman" Steve at Paragon Advertising. I didn't really expect a submission from Steve who is usually pretty busy doing this kind of thing for money, but I suppose he really does love doing what he does, since he'll even do it for free! (I'll have to remember that next time he's quoting a project). I really dig the planetary theme.

Submission #2 Jan. 23, 2004

The next submission is from TSlater. T-man thought he might be disqualified due to size restrictions, but Bassman didn't meet the requirements either, and the sizes were just guidelines. I may have to have another contest for an in8sworld theme song, for which T would be at a serious advantage. (is that your guitar, T?)

Submission #3 Jan. 26, 2004

Karmadog was kind enough to try his hand at a logo for the site too! I have several of his books of poetry in the bookshelf behind me and the art in them usually has either an eastern or American Indian feel to them.

Submission #4 Jan. 27, 2004

TSlater sent in another one, this time with transparency (cool) and slightly larger so you can see my guitar. (Gibson SG, which I didn't even recognize as mine in his first submission)

Submission #5 Jan. 28, 2004

KarmaDog sent in another version, this time with a SCI-FI / X-Files motif. This one certainly is "out of this world", however having penned a story about how I think I might be from outer space on this blog, perhaps I asked for this one. Only one problem with this one: my domain is not a dot com, its a dot net.

Submission #6 Feb. 1, 2004

Deconsuma was kind enough to send in this image which heralds (forgive the pun) a part of my life which has been taking a bit of a back seat lately, that of historical re-enactment. That group is still going strong, but I have not been an active member for several years now.

Submission #7 Feb 6, 2004
"Nate, I think this is the last good idea I could come up with. I've been reading your blog, trying to get a feel for who you are now. And, to tell you the truth, you can't really learn $h1t about a person reading their internet postings. So here's my last attempt to capture the feeling of your site. Sorry about the ".com" mistake on the last logo. I can change any of these if you decide to go with one. Well I'm back to the books, I'm teaching JD Salinger's short story "Teddy" tomorrow. You should read it if you get a chance. Its fun. Teddy is an Indian holy man who is reincarnated as an 10 year old American boy because he fell in love with a woman in his previous life." - KarmaDog

Submission #8 Jan. 24, 2004

Technically this is just a modification of submission 1. Bassman was cool enough to send me the full layered PSD so i was able to remove a lot of the stuff (that he worked long and hard to create I'm sure) to come to this more spartan version.

Submission #9 Feb 14, 2004

I was thinking about it and although I definitely want to change this logo, I'm going to include it in the poll anyway.

Submission #10 July 4th, 2004

Submitted too late to enter the contest, but worthy of posting nonetheless! This one is from Mike at W2SWR.com

Submission #11 July 4th, 2004

A modification of Bassman's logo. You can see the planet pretty clearly and the logo is centered. I decided to use this one for the Professional theme.

Submission #12 July 8th, 2004

CHONCHO submitted this one for the professional theme. I liked it so much I replaced the logo I had done for it. I think what i like about it the most is that it divides up the "in8sworld" logo so that you can read my "in Nate's world" intention much clearer. CHONCO is a web designer living in Pennsylvania, his latest site is for the band Tresspassengers