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Temple of Elemental Evil in Ubuntu with wine

These are just my notes on how to install Atari's official Dungeons and Dragons game Temple of Elemental Evil (ToEE) using wine in Ubuntu 11.10. This old game has been on my shelf since 2004 and with the kids' recent interest in D&D I thought it was a good time to see if it would install on their machine (which runs Ubuntu). ToEE is based on the 1985 module for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) of the same name (module T1-4) for which I have fond memories. So does Daniel Rivera who has done an excellent job of converting the old module's maps into digital format for display on-screen (just in case this story has the side effect of making you want to play this module for real!). The Atari game's mechanics are strictly based on D&D (3rd edition rules) and it offers just about the closest thing you can get to playing D&D in a single player video game, though I have to admit its a very bad substitute for the real thing.

The video game, which came out in 2003, had sort of a bad start out the gate. Upon release there were complaints about stability and bugs. I didn't even have a Windows machine at the time (actually still don't) and I just kind of blew it off disgruntled about it. Official Patches came out and then the actual maker of the game (Troika) went out of business. Atari was just the publisher, so the game was dead after the 3rd patch (which apparently introduced another bug!). But fans of the game wouldn't give up on it, and these intrepid adventurers formed the Circle of Eight forum (named after Gary Gygax's original player characters which have been written into the fictional history of Greyhawk) actually started writing mods for ToEE to patch up the bugs and introduce some new content.

The first thing I tried was to run it in a virtual machine (I use Virtualbox), but for whatever reason, while it installed fine - it wouldn't run. This was frustrating and a big waste of time since I ended up setting up a Windows virtual machine for no reason (though now I get the pleasure of deleting it), so my next step was to investigate if anyone had gotten it to run under wine. To my surprise they had, and it was supposed to run great.

My notes on install follow.

sudo apt-get install wine

insert install disc cd into /media folder wine ./TOEE_INST/setup.exe When the gui says switch the disc, in that same terminal window: wine eject unmount /media/TOEE_INST (I used Nautilus) insert PLAY disc in a new terminal window: sudo ln -s TOEE_PLAY TOEE_INST click continue in gui after install completes: sudo rm TOEE_INST (remove the symlink) In wine config (search for this in unity's application search, it got installed with wine) set D drive to point to: /media/TOEE_PLAY apply TOEE patch 2: wine /path/to/TOEE_USA_ANY-PATCH2.EXE To play without the CD in the drive: Google TOEE no cd crack and use ver 2 replace the toee.exe file with the cracked version.

apply Circle of 8 mod pack wine /path/to/Circle_of_Eight_Modpack_7.0.0_Setup.exe note: this doesn't work exactly the way you'd expect. Without mono installed it just unpacks three files: txt, tfm, jpg the tfm file is an archive (zip) file. Unpack that to reveal: data folder, modules folder, temple.dll, toee.exe Replace original data folder in the install directory with the Co8 version Inside original modules folder there is a ToEE folder and a .dat file I wanted to keep the .dat file just in case its important. Replace the original ToEE folder with the Co8 supplied ToEE folder. Replace original temple.dll with Co8 temple.dll I did NOT replace the toee.exe since I had already replaced it with a NoCD version which I wanted to keep, but I assume if you're not going to run a NoCD crack then you'll want to replace the toee.exe as well.

Double click the ToEE link on the desktop (if you created one) or wine /path/to/install/directory/toee.exe to play.

I was even able to copy the .wine directory over to another user, then change the ownership to that user and the game ran fine under that account as well.