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Your tax money paying for political hit jobs?

Oh, the scams and lawbreaking is positively endemic. Now there's reason to believe that defense and security contractors colluded to use tax payer money to create fake documents and plant evidence to make political attacks on union leaders and Democrats!? And the only reason we even know about it is because Anonymous (the Wiki-leaks activists) cracked into HBGary's emails and released them on the net after HBGary's president foolishly claimed to have the drop on them. Dems are pushing for an investigation. At this point the amount of money that appears to have been STOLEN from the American tax payer by these sleazy contractors is nearly three times larger than what the Republicans are claiming the health care bill will cost so lets hope they'll fight this corruption with just as much vigor.

"The e-mails indicate that these defense contractors planned to mine social network sites for information on Chamber critics; planned to plant 'false documents' and 'fake insider personas' that would be used to discredit the groups; and discussed the use of malicious and intrusive software ('malware') to steal private information from the groups and disrupt their internal electronic communications."