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RUSH Facebook de-Faced

So this is still a bit of a mystery, but its obvious that somehow someone has managed to get hold of the login account for the RUSH (the band) Facebook page. I first noticed strangeness yesterday, but it reared its head again today so I took a couple snapshots. I'm pretty sure we're dealing with the official Facebook page for the band because it's linked off the official RUSH website, but it's possible of course that the official page has been hacked and they replaced the link with one they control. The defacement thats been done is pretty lame - if I stolen the account I'm sure I'd be able to come up with something a tad funnier like a post about Geddy getting his vocal chords surgically shortened so he could sing all the good tunes again.

Since I have a band facebook page myself, I know that you can share the admin function with others. Its possible somebody had access to a laptop when nobody was looking and made themselves admin of the page. Once you're an admin, your posts look just the same as any other admin - so the only fix is for one of the power trio to log in and de-admin all the other admins. It could be a javascript vulnerability as one post suggests but I think thats a red herring.

Then there's the people who "liked" the lame post by the cracker. These guys could be related to the culprit or just really stupid. You choose.