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Tribble training

In our never ending mission to educate our kids about all things geek, tonight we enjoyed a Star Trek marathon (of sorts).  My eldest (a faithful Dr Who fan) has steadfastly refused to get sucked into the Star Trek universe - until tonight!  My secret weapon was of course, Trouble with Tribbles which no budding geek can resist.  Im sure no synopsis is required of this classic.  That was followed up by the excellent Deep Space Nine episode Trials and Tribulations in which several of the DS9 cast (including Worf and O'Brien) find themselves transported back in time to the period of the original episode.  Hilarity ensues. Then I dug out the animated series More Tribbles, more Troubles wherein the tribbles (now genetically engineered to not breed) instead grow amazingly large on whatever it is they find lying around the Enterprise.  We were starting to worry that the kids weren't Star Trek material, but these three seem to have clinched the deal.  Now to find the tribble-related Enterprise episode and the scene in Generations!