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Yet another bike ride

I finished my ride on the bike trail in just over 1 hr, 10 mn last night (all told with every black diamond and optional trail its about 9.5 miles). As I rode around the perimeter of the central fields on the single track, it seemed that every inch of every open field in the park (every single field) was filled with RVs and super duty pickup trucks, most of them with diesel engines idling loudly and lots of generators going. The air actually smelled near the woods edge and there was a haze over the center of the field (though it might have been smoke from the un-necessary fires of course). Somebody even had a PA system on with feeding back microphone and everything, another a-hole was blasting his horn for some reason (maybe there was a deer blocking the road?). I was comfortably away from the mayhem in the woods wondering why they couldn't just go set up in a parking lot somewhere. They certainly weren't there to enjoy the quiet of the woods. I did see two people walking on the dirt road and met three kids on BMX bikes going the wrong way on the trail (dangerous). When I was younger that park was empty most all year round, and when there were people there it was to hike or bike or throw a frisbee around. Now every weekend its just a massive trailer park party. I understand why people want to bring their homes into such a nice park to relax, but it seems that too many people have gotten the same idea for it to be very relaxing.

This was originally supposed to be a facebook post, but it was too long (it barked at me that 400 characters is too long for a status update), well I'm getting to the point where I don't even want to post anything there anymore anyway. I find it difficult to distill my status into a single sentence just to please facebook.