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Virginia Earthquake felt in NY!

I was having a small meeting at my desk at about 5 minutes before 2 when I felt my leg wobble. I thought at first that I was having a muscle spasm and shifted weight in my seat. It didn't stop, and I lost track of the conversation when I noticed my monitors swaying. Mentioning it to those nearby, they all confirmed my observation and that it appeared to be an earthquake. Folks started streaming down from our second floor mezzanine claiming that there had been a very noticeable shift underfoot to the north, back to the south and north again. To me it felt like starding on a very taught water bed as what became a rolling motion was transmitted through my feet and the chair. The shaking, which was felt by nearly everyone in the building lasted about 20-25 seconds. I checked on the USGS site for the latest earthquake activity, and did not evacuate as per order when I saw that there had been a sizable quake in Virginia 5 minutes prior and knew that what we were feeling must be the transmitted shock thereof. I did report my experience on the USGS site (link below). This is a good one to bookmark - it helped us understand what had just happened pretty quickly.