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My take on tablets

Call me old school, or out of touch (pun intended) but as big a fan of tablets and the touch-screen enabled operating systems (OS) that run them that I am, I just don't see these devices replacing laptops. I'm a huge Star Trek fan, and I recognize the tablet form factor as the classic PADD from that series. Sometimes with a stylus, sometimes without - it was supposed to be the ultimate informational portal, like unto the paper notebook or legal pad which dominated offices and campuses the world over (at least until this decade) but gone digital with access to a vast computer database at the user's fingertips.

But there are some logistical problems with tablets that aren't so apparent onscreen but become so once you're trying to get things done using one.


The future of the tablet is unclear. We're moving to a world where Intel is finally creating low power processors to rival some of those found in tablets for power consumption, and as more laptops have touchscreens and SSD hard drives the dividing line between what is a touchpad and what is an ultrabook will probably blur. We're going to see a whole range of new laptops which may rival touchpads in these three areas and perhaps even run the tablet OS of your choice. Its compelling for a couple reasons which soon may be part and parcel of all portable devices (including laptops - which I consider the "perfect" form factor - my preference is a 12" or 13" screen). Tablets are fun to play with, but thats largely a function of the combination of the touchscreen and the OS. A laptop with a touchscreen running the same OS wouldn't be much different except for the built in keyboard / cover which many folks seem to be adding on to their touchpads as accessories anyway. The add-on keyboard / covers are usually inferior build and flimsy, and they usually have a crappy bluetooth connection which gets unpaired at inconvenient times or has a dinky switch which goes flaky. Give me a built in keyboard and the option for a wireless mouse anytime. I love my Transformer now that its running android 4.3, but only with the keyboard and I never use it without it. The keyboard also has another battery in it so my battery life is double most tablets.