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Superbowl for paying customers only

OK, so I'm not a sports fan, but I admit that I did try to watch the superbowl since its supposedly the American thing to do. Since I don't pay for cable TV at $100 a month, I don't get any of those cable channels showing the game, but thought I'd be able to get it on broadcast NBC but no. Apparently whatever deal NBC made meant that the game would NOT be shown on broadcast TV (which I'm normally able to receive with my QAM antenna). Failing that, I tried to get the game over the internet but since I run Linux on all my machines I was presented with a message that I'd need to install Microsoft Silverlight to view it. I'm not a fan of Silverlight (or flash for that matter) and its riddled with DRM but OK, fine, I'm willing to install it so I could watch the game. Several minutes later I was presented with a rather annoying message that Silverlight is not compatible with Firefox 9.0! Well, F you NBC and F you Microsoft. If you want my eyeballs on your advertisements you can pay ME. I'm gonna watch the Linux Action Show instead.