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Go fly a Dyna-kite!

Its been some years since I've flown a kite, but I used to do so all the time. Not a Charlie Brown kite, I'm talking about a stunt kite - the kind with two lines so you can control the flight, do figure 8s and loops and such. The wind this weekend was just too perfect, blowing pretty strong all day on Saturday so we decided to grab some family time, get something for lunch and run to the beach. The beach was desolate and we soon found out why - the wind was incredibly strong there kicking up a pretty good surf and it buffeted you relentlessly, stinging you with wind-whipped sand obliterating footprints in minutes and pretty quickly our ears were cold and painful and we were wishing we'd remembered to bring ear muffs. I tried to assemble the kite there but it was madness so we beat retreat for a park further inland. Our neighborhood park was far more conducive to kite flying, and we had my old Dyna-kite up and flying pretty shortly after Cathy realized I had the nosepiece upside down. I got my kite sometime around 1990, and it turns out the company that makes them is still in business (though its been sold to a new private owner) and they still carry the Dyna-kite line. They're definitely no more expensive than I remember, and I can say that over the years I beat the living crap out of this one and its still in as good a condition as when I first got it so I'd recommend them to anyone. Mine is a starter kite designed for beginners, and my 8 year old was eventually able to manage it with a little practice. There is nothing like a kite to elicit squeals of delight from a kid! We all had so much fun I can't wait to get out and fly it again!

I've posted scans of the original instructions that came with my kite.