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Sarah Palin is a Socialist (even if she denies it)

This article sums it all up pretty well. Sarah's been touring the lower 48 railing against the evil socialist agenda for a while now, meanwhile she's the direct beneficiary of the biggest socialist state in our union! Thats right, Alaska has implemented a working model of socialism. The people of Alaska own the resources of Alaska - they were not ceded to private interests as they were in say, Texas. No, Alaska's constitution (Article VIII. Section 2. General Authority) specifies that

"...all the natural resources of Alaska belong to the state to be used, developed and conserved for the maximum benefit of the people."
"democratic constitutional equal right to natural resources"

may be an enlightened philosophy which ensures that all citizens benefit from the natural resources of their state but it is an actual, real, working bit of socialism in practice. Perhaps being governor of a truly socialist state (especially a successful one) would have been just too hypocritical even for Mrs. Palin.

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