Anime for kids?

Posted on2011-03-29 19:43

One of my daughters friends has been getting into anime and manga of late, so I asked her to write down some of the titles shes been reading / watching so I could check into them. As often happens this has caused a bit of a problem because after a quick investigation it appears none of them are appropriate for my daughter's age group. Anime on the list included:

  • Vampire Knight - very dark, sexual themes
  • Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) - really cool, again sexual themes
  • Death Note - especially dark, in fact I wonder at how you succeed selling a story with the premise of killing people by writing their names in a magic notebook in this day and age? At least in the US thats enough to get you expelled.

All of which are fantastic looking anime, but are very dark with lots of adult themes and sexual content. I hunted down some more off this list and found:

  • Cardcaptor Sakura - had a good premise, but too cutsey for my kid
  • InuYasha - almost a D&D scenario in ancient fantasy Japan where several parties of adventurers are battling demons. I liked it, she yawned. Comic relief characters suck (its what I hate about Disney too)
  • Full Metal Alchemist - fantastic art, reminded me of the animated Batman series, but this one is TV-14!

Of course, shes not interested in anything I find since she wants to watch what her friend is into while now that I've seen Full Metal Alchemist I think I want to watch them myself, bringing me no closer to a decision about what to do.