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Christmas peace

I wholeheartedly appreciate and endorse Adele Stan's essay entitled How I Gave Up Christmas and Saved My Sanity which I would highly recommend to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the familial obligations and rampant commercialism that constitutes the typical American Christmas. Driving anywhere on Christmas Eve can be a harrowing and dangerous proposition, but I braved it as it was the first day in two weeks that I wasn't at work till well past my normally early bedtime. On the whole folks were being gracious and considerate this morning and listening to A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols made the drive bearable. Several flocks of geese flying in V formation over a field on the way home made me want to pitch a hiking trip somewhere to the girls, but upon arriving home and settling into my comfortable chair listening to Christmas carols on WSHU, all desire to venture out again today dissipated quickly. Quiet dinner at home tonight. The home brew Brown Sugar Stout on tap in the kegorator and bottle of Jameson are calling me.