A new Roll2d6 podcast!

Posted on2010-06-10 18:25

It's been almost a year since Adam and Nate (not me) of Roll2d6.com got together with some high school buddies to attend KublaCon 2009 and they've finally gotten the editing done on the podcast from that Con (and just in time for the next one!). I was listening to these guys pretty regularly for a long time, and had really missed the show. If you haven't heard of them, they do a nice job of summarizing the various games they've played and relating the pros and cons of each. Each podcast is supplemented by their Flickr stream and links to the games on boardgamegeek.com. It's a great way to learn about new games and get a feel for them before plunking down a bunch of hard earned cash. Check them out: Roll2d6 Episode 22: Kublacon 2009!

This episode covers

  • HeroCard Orc Wars
  • Man O’ War
  • Legends of the Old West (Alamo game)
  • B-17: Queen of the Skies
  • Red November
  • Legends of the High Seas
  • Temple of the Beastmen
  • Mall of Horror
  • Captain Park’s Imaginary Polar Expedition
  • Federation Commander: Klingon Border
  • HeroCard Nightmare
  • Arkham Horror