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King Tut at Discovery Times Square Expo

I kept my promise to bring everyone in to see King Tut at the Discovery Center on 44th street today. We had a fantastic time carefully investigating all the artifacts. One of my favorites included the Ostrich feather fan (which depicts a tiny animated Ankh with legs running behind King Tut's chariot carrying a replica of the fan), but there were so many cool things to see its hard to pick just a few. The shabtis were really nice and of course the kingly chariot which was the main draw of the exhibit. There was the aptly named Sitamun's chair. There was an awesome golden shrine with scenes of King Tut and his wife doing various things, hunting geese?, hanging out around the palace, drinking, etc. which was in incredible detail - depictions of every day life is something re-enactors love to see. I really liked Tut's Golden Dagger too. The calcite? cosmetic jar with the traditional enemies of Egypt (Nubia and Western Asia) crushed underfoot (a common theme) was impressive. The expo also had a few Akhenaten pieces since Tut has now been proven genetically to be his son. One was an impressive bust with what I thought were cartoonishly exaggerated features (a trademark of Akhenaten statues). I have a nice print on papyrus of the Aten that was brought back from Egypt for me on my office wall.