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Trudeau on satirizing Obama

Lets not even discuss the fact that as a strip artist, Gary Trudeau the celebrated author of Doonesbury for 40 years, is facing the end of that career as print media dries up utterly and no one seems to have time for comics anymore with all the new media available. I just liked his response to Slate's question below.

Slate: Who's the hardest politician to satirize, and why? Trudeau: Believe it or not, Obama's very tough for business. The contradictory characterizations of him as fascist or socialist only serve to confirm the truth—he's a raging moderate. And satirists don't do well with moderates, especially thoughtful ones. In addition, Obama rarely makes gaffes and has no salient physical or temperamental features. And sinking popularity isn't a critique. Even SNL's main rap on him is his unflappability, hardly a vice in a world leader.