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How he scammed the CIA (or Your tax dollars at work)

Remember a few years ago during the Bush presidency when we were bombarded daily by those elevated threat level warnings the Feds were issuing? Well, turns out at least some of these warnings were based on a software developed by a con man which actually did absolutely nothing other than divert millions of your tax dollars to Dennis Montgomery's bank account. His bogus software claimed to be able to decode secret messages encoded in Al Jazeera video. Even though the CIA decided in 2003 that it was probably fake, money kept going to this guy as he peddled it to other government agencies and warnings kept getting issued based on it for years right up to the Obama inauguration (and possibly beyond). The government has been trying to claim state secrets in this case for years because its a major embarrassment.

But as bad as it sounds, this is only a tiny blip on the screen when you consider the more than $285 billion paid out to government contracting hucksters over a three year period according the a study conducted by the Pentagon in January.