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Super Star Trek in Python

OK kids, make sure you have python installed so you can fire photons in this python remix of the classic Fortran Super Star Trek classic terminal game from the mid 70s. I played this game (poorly) in High School and had gotten frustrated trying to run the original Fortran version some while ago. Turns out ESR had ported (a C port of) the original Fortran code which runs great. Make sure you pull out the latest version from git since its got some essential bug fixes from: https://developer.berlios.de/git/?group_id=2492 note:this link is dead as of 151111

See Bill Lahti's java and android port of the game! https://blahti.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/java-sst/

and Tom Almys page

Here's ESR's original G+ post and there's some more banter about the history of the game in the comments to his blog post.

There's a nice writeup of the history of the game and how its played here.

Here it is, running happily in terminal under Ubuntu 11.10: