• Backing up my Synology with rsync

    no .hbk files
  • Organizing my files

    or how to find stuff more quickly
  • Deleted my Reddit account

    Reddit joins the growing list
  • US National Debt

    thoughts I wisely did not put in a youtube comment
  • The Yì Jīng

    the Book of Changes
  • Author vs Carrier

    Are social media platforms responsible for hateful content?
  • New Life for an old Chromebook

    Running a full linux OS on an otherwise obsolete chromebook.
  • Mining crypto on my Linux PC

    Can I mine one dollar in bitcoin on my rig?
  • Upgrading an old Nexus 7 to android 10

    LineageOS extending life on old hardware
  • Making music in 2020

    my ever evolving studio set up
  • The internet and email

    A timeline of development
  • Mid range AMD streaming on Linux

    first PC build since 1994 a success!
  • Make an antenna for distant FM stations

    Improve reception with a resonant antenna
  • Out exploring in my old Grumman canoe

    first paddle in many years
  • Upgrading my Raspberry Pi minecraft server

    I thought this would only take a few minutes...
  • Using Discord for your club or organization

  • DIY fix for broken laptop hinges

    Poor design doesn't mean you need to throw away that old laptop
  • How I record music and make videos

    ...using the equipment I have and with free software.
  • Make Facebook show the right image on Wordpress links you share

    Or how to get around Facebook's inability to read my mind.
  • Deactivated my twitter account

    Twitter is a cesspit and I don't have to listen to it anymore.
  • Roto-tilling

    getting the garden ready
  • Got My Amateur Radio License

    finally getting around to doing something I started out to do in the early 90s.
  • Running dd-wrt on a Linksys wrt1900ACS

    I supported the promise of an open hardware platform and may soon be able to start using dd-wrt again.
  • Closed down my G+ account

    going inactive. may archive some things to my blog.
  • Playing a powerpoint on the conference room TV without a laptop

    Don't wanna lug your laptop to the conference room just to run a PowerPoint? How to run your Powerpoint from USB (or over the network)
  • Role-playing Related Web Series

    A list of the role-playing related web series I've watched (and enjoyed)
  • Moving out of Wordpress and into picocms

    Over the last year I've tested out a bunch of different approaches to flat file web publishing and I've finally settled on one.
  • Convert .GHO to .VDI for use in Virtualbox in Win7

    My notes on the steps I took to convert a Ghost image into a file I could run in Virtualbox
  • Brown Bess Musket

    The main weapon during the American Revolution
  • Face of first Brit revealed

    the surprising face of stone age Briton
  • Linux is used for making movies

    ...and not just movies you've never heard of either
  • Nor'easter blows through

    I watch it roll in on my old barometer
  • Social media is ripping apart society

    when social media execs start saying this you should probably listen
  • Yahoo sues Mozilla

    and that's just another reason to hate Yahoo
  • Firefox 55+ crashing on armv7

    Firefox Quantum considers arm devices second class citizens
  • adding markdown syntax highlighting to notepad++

    Strange as it seems, markdown isn't one of the languages that notepad++ recognizes. Here's how you can add it.
  • Malwarebytes flags Firefox as malicious for checking Certificates?

    Really just an excuse to talk about certificates, authorities, and how the whole thing seems to be horribly broken.
  • Veterans of the Psychic Wars

    and where that actually came from
  • Fake accounts on social media

    no matter what side you're on, you need to understand this
  • The myth that iOS is easier to use

    or how people tend to like things they are already used to.
  • Virtualbox in Win7 bridged network no adapter

    just some notes on getting it working
  • One year with my ASUS C201 Chromebook

    Bought on a whim, this tiny chromebook quickly became my go-to device mainly because it was light, turns on immediately, and I could get 90% of my work done on it.
  • The Pink Palace was torn down

    a dorm I stayed in for two summers is torn down and I strangely feel remorseful over it.
  • Hold music from an old android

    a DIY hold music solution using an old tablet that was laying around
  • Slow wifi with Intel 7265 iwlwifi on Arch

    my notes from struggling with this chip transformed into a blog post
  • Why I do not use Bing or Yahoo for search

    paid malware adverts served up by tech giants we're supposed to trust?
  • Illegals have no rights!

    why people in the US illegally have (at least some) Constitutional rights and why those who claim they don't (Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity) are wrong.
  • In Memory of Rich Conaty

    in memory of a man who kept the music of the early 20th century alive
  • A Musical Christmas Card to you

    a quick little ensemble brings you some Joy at Christmas
  • Windows 10 Express Spying Settings

  • The Last of the Magicians

    the strange story of a rocket scientist who dabbled in the occult
  • The Apple upgrade mill rings the juice out of me

  • Windows 7 updates stuck

  • Fix for Firefox typing delay and slow scrolling

  • Finding the perfect netbook-sized laptop

  • Microsoft support forums run Linux

    oh, the irony
  • My Raspberry Pi 2 Minecraft server

  • Users are the weak link

  • Upgrading Samsung S3 to Lollipop 5.1.1

  • A couple books about the history of D&D

    just a quick mention for a couple books I read recently
  • Removal of F8 a good example of why I hate Windows

  • Can I run this thing on my 100W Solar panel?

  • Quadrantid meteor shower and observing session

  • Ian Murdock, founder of Debian, dead at 42 under strange circumstances

  • OpenELEC runs great on the Raspberry Pi2

  • Albert Einstein on Private Capital

    I think most of us would agree he was a pretty smart guy
  • New lulu book, beach walk, some updates, and wake-on-lan

  • Junk yard radio is good enough

  • Still using Arch on my Thinkpad T410s, but not with KDE anymore

  • Using a laptop in the office - product recommendations

  • Printing to Canon MX860 wirelessly from Arch Linux

  • Crontab reference

  • Vikings vs. 1980s Space Guys

  • Using i3 on my Arch USB flash drive

  • Solo gig at SCVF Emerald Society meeting

  • Nice night at the Grey Horse

  • Orphaned Google Talk connections in psi

  • Irish Music at Kings Park Day

  • Upgrading the Macbook to Ubuntu 14.04

  • Traditional session at the Grey Horse Tavern

  • Arch Linux on bootable, persistent USB drive

  • The tale of the transmitter (or "signs of aging")

  • Peavey Backstage Plus still rockin'

  • Old LG Optimus S (LS670) seems new again with Cyanogenmod

  • Increase disk size of Ubuntu guest running in VMware

  • My take on tablets

  • Plato was not a mystic

  • First ride in 9 weeks

  • An Epicurian argument

  • Recent status and projects update

  • 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual

  • Welcome Back!

  • First ride of 2013

  • Playing Dwarf Fortress

  • Installing Cyanogenmod on ASUS Transformer TF101

  • Fixing my 19" Samsung LCD monitor

  • Thomas Jefferson on News

  • Warcraft III on Ubuntu 12.04

  • Ubuntu breathes new life into old MacBook

  • East coast weather satellite GOES dark

  • Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfetones

  • insight.ly CRM for Google Apps impresses

  • Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Buddy at Benner's Farm

  • Great weekend

  • Tribble training

  • Dark Tower on android

  • Creating the Book of Song

  • In which anonymous shopping costs me more

  • Super Star Trek in Python

  • Superbowl for paying customers only

  • Why are we opposed to SOPA and PIPA?

  • Somebody that I used to know

  • Temple of Elemental Evil in Ubuntu with wine

  • Software patents stifle innovation

  • Old media and hardware obsolescence

    old recordings on tape are being lost
  • A few weeks with an android tablet, app picks

  • Carrier IQ meets the FBI

  • Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

  • Occupy didn't annoy residents as much as Port Authority construction did (and still does).

  • minitube is what TV should be

  • My EliteBook FAILs, back to the Mac (long)

  • Go fly a Dyna-kite!

  • Thomas Jefferson on patents

  • Being Caucasian is an unfortunate defect

  • Dawn over Vesta

  • Old school meets new school

  • StoryCorps animations

  • 9/11 murders in perspective

  • A quick peek at Jupiter and her moons

  • Quake II lives again!

  • Post Irene Ride at Cathedral

  • Virginia Earthquake felt in NY!

  • Google Earth in Ubuntu 11.04

  • Google+ and pseudonyms

  • Fixing Google+ circles

  • text-mode location bar in Ubuntu 11.04

  • Does comment quality indicate content quality?

  • The Hobbit video blog

  • HP EliteBook 8460p and Ubuntu

  • facebook's days are numbered

  • World Discoverer

  • Why I like (non-commercial) radio and not Pandora

  • Still no Mac virus

  • Google to drop support for older browsers

  • Judgement Day 5/21

  • The charm of making

  • Bandwidth caps and the end of the internet as you know it

  • Clinton on getting the economy going again

  • Hyphenated Americans

  • Tuning an electric guitar is different

  • The problem with pensions

  • First ride of 2011

  • Anime for kids?

  • Super Perigee Moon tonight

  • The Tenor Mandola

  • Your tax money paying for political hit jobs?

  • How he scammed the CIA (or Your tax dollars at work)

  • Collective bargaining is an international obligation

  • Can we blame Wikileaks for fomenting democracy?

  • Roleplaying online - RPTools virtual game table

  • Should we consider cyber attacks acts of war?

  • Why I still don't have a smart phone

  • Robot with biological brain

  • Another Wizwar game

  • Robin Hood's Thyng

  • Stuff to do, keeping on task

  • Is time leaky?

  • New Years, 2011 GMT

  • Accidentally deleted most of my posts in Wordpress

  • Doctor Who Christmas Special

  • Christmas peace

  • Facebook can track you even if you don't have an account

  • King Tut at Discovery Times Square Expo

  • Thanksgiving weekend journal, 2010

  • Wondering about The Wonder Years

  • Tax cut quandry

  • Blogging in the age of Facebook

  • Boycott crappy news programs

  • Trudeau on satirizing Obama

  • The Juan Williams flap at NPR

  • Tax the poor, at least they'll pay it.

  • George Takei on NPR

  • FOXNews doesn't like my comments

  • Google apps upgrades!

  • Killed my Buzz

  • As you like it

  • All your (data) base are belong to us

  • Sarah Palin is a Socialist (even if she denies it)

  • Tesla's last stand

  • The Mexican insurgency

  • Dreamhost Promo Code for 2 years

  • Google Voice es sólo en Inglés?

  • Social networking info leaks

  • Peafowl on the loose

  • 180° SOUTH is powerful

  • First impressions of the B&N Nook

  • Quick ride at Rocky Point

  • A new Roll2d6 podcast!

  • Another nice ride at CP

  • Reading gedcom files

  • Facebook account deleted

  • Riding Galcier Ridge

  • Union Memorial Day

  • Yet another bike ride

  • Natually born coincidence

  • Blocking facebook's open graph

  • Doctor Who missing episodes

  • Is the health care bill Constitutional?

  • Poor man's web content filter

  • The end of America?

  • Pompeii body casts

  • How Christian were the founders?

  • The Parliament of Fowls

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition FAIL

  • Using Buzz

  • Dana Morgan Harrington found dead

  • Grundig S350 radio

  • Over the air HDTV antenna

  • RUSH Facebook de-Faced

  • Canceling cable

  • Star Trek 12 in 2012

  • Scammers and spammers

  • Linux on Airbus

  • Army Builder on a Mac and mobile output

  • Dominion card game

  • Global warming conspiracy emails

  • Facebook privacy changes

  • Spirit still stuck

  • BBC Horizon (1982) - The Mysterious Tesla

  • Evolution is just a theory

  • Why your health insurance costs so much

  • Autumn leaves

    raking leaves my way
  • Personal computer archaeology

    reviewing the massive amount of data I've accumulated and thinking about organizing it a bit.
  • Printing my online writings

    the idea of putting all my digital detritus into some kind of order and printing it
  • A type written message from the past

  • About my Warhammer battle reports

    I put together an army of Dwarves and pit them against Gobos and Empire troops
  • What happened to the Posse Comitatus Act?

  • Let my dataset change your mindset

  • Obama's speech to schoolchildren

  • True tempered guitar necks

    the strange looking fretboard that plays in tune
  • Google opens up 1 million public domain books

  • Health Care

    Can Obamacare fix our economy's biggest problem?
  • Reduce US air conditioning costs by 20%

    eliminate black asphalt roof tiles in the south
  • Save needs a new icon?

    love me some floppy
  • More myspace idiocy

  • Why isn't that guitar in tune?

    because it might not be possible
  • Sundog

    Its Legacy is Frozen in my mind
  • Nethack sucks (you in)

  • Opportunity to go over the cliff

  • Hudson Valley Geo

    Summary of notes from a Geology field trip up the NYS Thruway
  • Trubisz Theory

    This is one man's opinion.Take it for what its worth
  • Opportunity is almost there!

  • Only bored when you're boring

  • Bought a mountain bike

  • Microsoft's voice non-recognition

  • Palm pilot resurrection

  • Lightning damage

  • Slainte Irish Festival

  • iN8sWoRLd Logo Contest (2004)

  • Evidence that I may be from outer space

    or how to clickbait your blog titles
  • Ode to an old mower

  • Angband

  • Raising a soundpost

  • Don Piper Situation in NYC

  • The universe is flat and other stuff