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Bought a mountain bike

In more mundane news, sometime in June I bought a mountain bike used from a guy at work. He's been into biking for many years and this was his 2002 Giant Warp DS-1 that he had put almost 600 miles on. He's about 12 years older than me, but our first time out together at a local park he squarely kicked my butt on the hills and trails. I stuck with it, riding two or three times a week, whenever I could get out for an hour. I've ridden at some of the trails maintained by Climb, but also around home in the woods that will soon be ripped out to build a new electric generation facility. I've really improved, and can ride for an hour (about 10 miles) on the trails without getting worn out anymore. The hills are no longer massive obstacles, they're just part of the ride - and it's great to be able to do just a little bit better than the last time i was out. As activities go, mountain biking is really one of my favorites, since I can go out to check out new places in the woods just like I used to when I was a kid, it's a mini-adventure and I'm getting some much needed exercise.