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Another Wizwar game

Had a great time playing a game of Wizwar with the girls tonight. Well, I had a great time - but that might be because I won ;) Every time I play it usually gets me thinking about making that most perfect DIY wizwar board (my current favorite is here) though I haven't gotten around to that as yet. Tonight I started looking into getting card protectors for those original 5th edition cards I have since they're basically paper and they're starting to get creased in the center from shuffling but they're an odd size (2" x 3") and I couldn't find any from a reputable source (I did read about some guy from Taiwan who had something that would work on boardgamegeek). My current plan I think is to get standard size card protectors and let the originals just float in those, or print out Kwanchai's Wiz War package and use those cards instead although Jeff's cards are pretty cool too.