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Deleted my Reddit account


Now that baconreader no longer works on reddit due to steep price hikes for third party apps to use reddit's API, I have deleted my 11 year old account there. I did not typically read the site in a browser and I hated the official reddit app so if baconreader won't work anymore I won't be using the site much anyway. I had already set the only subreddit I modded to private and I had already removed the "social" link to reddit from my website in protest to support smaller third party app builders, but as of today I will officially no longer be a user of that site. In the past I would probably have spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out ways to export my posts and comments, or at the least screenshotted my account details with my "karma" and awards for posterity but frankly the arrogant attitude of reddit's management really made me not care.

Reddit joins a growing list of social media websites I have quit over the years, though to be fair several social media websites have quit on me as well which just goes to show how ephemeral these sorts of sites really are. Reddit could be a great resource, a very deep rabbit-hole, or a giant circle-jerk but I never thought it would end quite like this. Good riddance, reddit.

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