LVC Sessions

an EP of sorts produced by Todd of a few songs Ned and I had worked up

I had a couple songs written when Todd asked if Ned and I would come down to help him on a project in the studio at college. He needed to record somebody (not himself) and it was a nice excuse to see Todd again, and also work up a couple tunes with Ned.

Ned had a fantastic piece he was calling Ned Berry's Reel which sounded like a traditional Irish reel, but was his own composition. We had also worked for a time on Jethro Tull's Boree' with me on bass and Ned on the fiddle which we thought would work.

Track 01 - Boree

Then I had two songs I had written: Looking For Me, and Dirge For a Dude. Dirge couldn't easily be sung without tracking since the vocal line ran over itself at each chorus and verse and Looking for Me was just the most recent tune I had written (the title of which I would later use for a compilation project).

Todd was learning real recording techniques at LVC, but I won't let him forget his praise for my own home made stuff: something along the lines of "I've got the most expensive equipment around and your stuff made on an old Fostex sounds just as good!" Even if that was true (it isn't), he and Ned's self-titled Tresspassengers album from 2008 blows anything I've ever recorded away.

This would be an "EP" of sorts with only four songs on it. I used a picture of Ned and I as kids that my mom took of us for the cover.

01 - Boree (Jethro Tull)
02 - Dirge For A Dude (aka Peter Pan)
03 - Looking For Me
04 - Ned Berry's Reel (extended version)