Uruk Hai - Angel of Mercy

An eclectic miscellany

I had gotten more interested in medieval re-enactment and with new friends came a broader range of musical influences. Medieval, Irish, and folk music melded with rock, metal, and punk - very strange bedfellows. Uruk Hai was never actually "released" in the very limited sense that any of my music was released - usually me making copies of a tape or burning a bunch of CDs as I realized some period of music making was nearing an end.

Uruk Hai / Angel of Mercy was more like a couple of ideas I had at that time. Half of the songs seemed like a heavy metal themed album and I thought I'd call it Uruk-Hai (Orc in the black tongue) but I only had a few songs in that genre and eventually I got more interested in other kinds of music and I started to play with the idea of a more medieval or folky album instead. The album cover is a drawing I did around that time and I thought maybe I'd call it Angel of Mercy since its basically a rendition of an Angel from an illuminated manuscript. There weren't enough of those kinds of songs to put together as a whole album and so I just threw all the songs together into a folder on a hard drive and there they sat. I think its worth putting it here since I definitely worked on these tunes with a bunch of different folks and it marks that transitional time in my life.

01 - Domine Exaudi
02 - Mental Anguish lyrics by Seth
03 - Ned & Me Guitar and Bass
04 - Rancid Peace lyrics by Mike
05 - ROBOT
06 - Storm Bringer (cover, Deep Purple)
07 - Troll Slayer lyrics by Seth
08 - Vision
09 - Wild Mountain Thyme (trad)
10 - Zarozinia (cover, Hawkind)