Looking For Me

I'm done screaming

By 1998 it was rare that I got to spend much time with Todd and Ned any more. Shortly after Ralph and the Dry Heaves, Todd was permanently living in PA and Ned was in various places including Brooklyn, PA, and NJ. When we did get together most of the stuff I brought to the table was colored by my newfound interest in Irish and English folk, so fairly mello.

Although I put it together in 1998, these are songs from 1992 through 1995 mainly. As I had started to focus solely on Irish folk, I wanted to go back and summarize that period in some kind of published project tape. The songs Todd recorded of me and Ned at his LVC session were definitely in this genre, and of those four I included Looking For Me and Dirge For A Dude (Peter Pan).

The only copy of this tape that I have isn't complete. It is marked as "Stormcrow Master" (I think that was my original working title for the project) and indeed it is a Maxell XL II S 90 which was apparently recorded on a Fostex 18H (high speed) with the result that the audio plays at exactly half speed in a normal cassette player. Another oddity is that the songs on the "master" are not in the order which they are listed on the tape case cover and a version of Ned and I doing Csardas are not listed at all. The tape ends abruptly part the way through a cool instrumental jam which I haven't identified yet.

There's nothing on the other side of the tape so which version of Love Is or Just Wanna Know You as indicated on the cover I originally used is now a mystery. Since the cover says the version of Love Is is "live", I'm thinking its the same version that is on Ralph.

The listing here is from the "master" I have.

01 - Ned Berry's Reel (also track 7 on Comyn's Bardic Closet, 2006)
02 - Life Is A Highway (by and with John Wagner)
03 - Looking For Me (also track 2 on LVC Sessions)
04 - Where Now (also track 5 on Momus and the Fomorians, 2006)
05 - Intermission (electric guitar instrumental)
06 - Troll Sat Alone (Tolkien poem)
07 - Csardas (Ned and Nate)
08 - Peter Pan (also track on LVC Sessions)
09 - Instrumental jam guitar and drums (unidentifed and ends abruptly at end of tape)
10 - Love Is Live at Shoreham Beach (also track 5 on Ralph and the Dry Heaves, 1991)