Before I met Todd he played bass in The Stock Boys with John and Eric. I went to a couple parties at Eric's house which were held down in his basement where his drums were set up - there were a lot of kids from Bellport and Brookhaven at these parties. I still have a couple of their tapes including Stock Boys I and II and The Day Glow Crazies). When Todd left for PA, John and Eric wanted to keep playing parties and were hoping to play at bars. I was enlisted to play Bass and do some backup singing. I already had a bass (an Ibanez) but I really liked John's smaller Fender better so I played that mostly. I think I used John's bass amp since all I had was a Peavey guitar amp.

Bands were expected to have a demo tape to get gigs so one of the first things we did was set up in John's basement to record a bunch of songs. John has the original recordings so I don't know what else might exist that didn't make "the cut" but this is what ended up on the mix tape I have. They are mostly all covers (we were hoping to play out so originals took a back seat) and John sang lead on all of them.

Track 6 - What Goes On

The recordings are good - John and Todd had been recording stuff for a few years by this time. We played a few gigs including up in Port Jefferson and once in Queens but PREY didn't last very long. I'm not even sure we called ourselves Prey actually. The EP cover is a shot of John under a bridge and may actually be from another short term project I did with John and Ned on drums but as neither of us remember what we were calling ourselves with Eric its Prey for now. Indeed, I thought I had nothing recorded from that time until I ran across these mixes on a Fostex tape (ignominously labled "Fostex tape #18") this weekend. Back then not everyone had a phenomenal camera in their pocket like today and I have literally no pictures of John, Eric and I.

01 - All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan / after Jimi Hendrix)
02 - Gouge Away (The Pixies)
03 - Hes Gone (John's original)
04 - We're Goin Home (The Feelies?)
05 - Drivin South (Jimi Hendrix)
06 - What Goes On (Velvet Underground)
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