The Flying Mollusks


Todd Slater, Ned Berry and I did our first tape together under the name Ralph and the Dry Heaves, but a lot of the stuff we were doing at that time morphed into what we started to call Flying Mollusks material, an idea whose genesis I no longer recall other than I'd like to blame it on Ned. I used to blame everything on him, but he's bigger than me now so I don't do it as often anymore.

The Flying Mollusks never made it out of the basement so to speak, and we never made an official "album" to mark the time we spent working on stuff together, but years later (in 2000) Ned was over and we put together a bunch of the stuff on a CD and called it The Posthumous Save the Mollusks.

There are a bunch of classics on this CD (which really feels thrown together at times). I made a couple of them into videos using some material I taped off of late night TV at the time. I really liked how Time Flies matched up with this video sequence so I'll link that below.

Track 3 - Time Flies

Drop of Sand was the big Flying Mollusks hit. I wrote most of the lyrics (with Todd's help) and if I find time I'll scan the page in from my notebook and post it here because it also has the tabs for Todd's guitar chords which I still love, especially the chorus. Todd knew how to write a hook and a good bridge, something I still can't do well.

Track 10 - Drop of Sand

We had a great time writing and playing all the tunes on this one. One day over the summer when Todd was working at Shoreham Beach in the "shack" Ned and I showed up to play and lounge out on the "green monster" which was a huge cushy couch in the beach shack there. We recorded a bunch of strange tunes there of which Endless Loop was one.

Track 19 - Endless Loop

Our friend Seth wrote The Summoning which I won't post here since I'm pretty sure it can have the stated effect. Great song but fairly demonic.

01-We Are Mollusks
02-What with this "46" Bullshit?
03-Time Flies
04-Unconnected Noise
05-Earth Power
06-Delay Jam
07-Scuds Over Riyadh
09-Purple Sunset
10-Drop Of Sand
12-Green Monster
13-The Dirge
14-Say Somethin
15-Step By Step
16-Grave Robbing
17-The Summoning
19-Endless Loop
22-We're Mollusks
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