Me, Him, and the Other Ones

the very first recordings I ever made

What might be some of the very first recordings I ever made eventually ended up on a cheesy tape I made with a couple friends in 1984. We had just graduated from High School, I knew Erik from orchestra (he was a phenomenal 'cellist and unlike me was planning to pursue it in college) and Morgan was a great performer having acted in plays and sung in the chorus for many years.

We had been playing a bunch over the year for fun, but one day when they were over I pulled out a tape recorder and decided to get some things recorded. A bunch of it was garbage, but there were some gems in there - and it definitely hooked me on making music and recording it. It was shortly after that time that I got my first Fostex 4 track recorder which I would use for most of my recordings for some years.

A slip of paper inside the tape case says:

Recorded Live on July 9th, 1984. Erik Walters, electric guitar, Morgan - vocals, Nate - vocals, Talent - Erik