About this site

Who am I and why do I run a website

My name is NateiN8sWoRLd and this site serves as my online journal.

  • As an IT Professional a lot of the stuff posted here will have to do with computers and software.

  • I'm also a musician (I play gigs occassionally) and music is a big part of my life so expect some posts about that.

    • Every so often I gather up a bunch of recordings which define a point in time for me and release them in album format to give away to friends who have played them with me. My music page lists most of these.
  • I'm a bit of a history geek

  • and I've always been a gamer (though not as hardcore as I might wish to be) so there will certainly be posts related to these interests from time to time.

  • I'm an open source advocate,

  • and while I don't consider myself a programmer I do copy and modify other people's code fairly frequently.

Other than these interests you can expect the occassional political or philosophical rant. I consider myself independent and fairly centrist, but as the country has moved farther to the right over the last 30 years, I sometimes feel like I must be a radical leftist.

While I'm a family man, you won't see a lot of family related posts here - thats a purposeful ommission.

I have no agenda here other than to continue writing and sharing ideas. The site changes slowly over time because one of the other things I use it for is as a platform to test out platforms. :) I've been keeping a journal in some form or other since 1980, originally in one of those black and white composition notebooks, which later grew into several of them taped together, then a few more carried about in a box... For many years I didn't use a computer to write even though I have always had computers around the house since my first Atari 800 and then a Timex Sinclair, preferring the more tactile scribbling to typing. This changed when the internet was opened to the public where it became clear that I could write things and other people might actually read them.

This web site has changed a lot over the years as a stroll through the wayback machine will show. One of the main reasons for this is that I use this site largely as an excuse to try out various web based technologies that interest me. If you're interested in what I've been playing with over the years, you can read the site history.