YouTube and Twitch

Music videos I've posted on social media

NatesYouTubeI've always tried to share out the music I've recorded at least with the folks who helped create it, but also with our small audience as they have been interested in having a copy. First this was on cassette tape with elaborate covers, then CDs with lightscribe etched art, then iTunes in the form of a podcast, and then MP3 downloads posted on my website. Streaming live on Twitch and posting finished videos on YouTube are just the most recent form of sharing this stuff.

I actually started posting videos back in 2006 but not with any regularity and most of it was just old stuff I had on VHS tapes from the 90s which I had moved to digital formats. Back then I was using iMovie on my PowerBook (remember those?). The process of created videos was a fun creative pursuit all on its own - nothing like writing a song or playing it - but it took me MORE time to complete a video for a song than recording the song itself. I eventually stopped using OSX and went back to Linux and creating videos without iMovie was more pain than it was worth to me.

Over the past couple years the software for video production on Linux has gotten considerably better and I find it now takes me only slightly more time to create a video than to record a tune, and if I stream on Twitch in real time I can cut that time down considerably. I recently wrote about the process I'm using to create videos in a blog post. See How I record and make videos from Aug 29, 2018. As a result I've been making more videos of late and hope to continue.

I have three basic types of videos I plan to keep making and will archive in separate playlists:

  • Playin' a Tune with Nate - Traditional Tunes I want to be able to play with others at events
  • Courtly Dance Tunes - Medieval instrumental dance tunes for which I have sheet music
  • Songs I like that I want to record and share just because - usually Irish folk but not always