Blogging like its 1999

Upgrading an old Nexus 7 to android 10

LineageOS extending life on old hardware

Making music in 2020

my ever evolving studio set up

Mid range AMD streaming on Linux

first PC build since 1994 a success!

Make an antenna for distant FM stations

Improve reception with a resonant antenna

Out exploring in my old Grumman canoe

first paddle in many years

Upgrading my Raspberry Pi minecraft server

I thought this would only take a few minutes...

DIY fix for broken laptop hinges

Poor design doesn't mean you need to throw away that old laptop

How I record music and make videos

...using the equipment I have and with free software.

Make Facebook show the right image on Wordpress links you share

Or how to get around Facebook's inability to read my mind.

Deactivated my twitter account

Twitter has become a cesspit and I don't have to listen to it anymore.


getting the garden ready

Got My Amateur Radio License

finally getting around to doing something I started out to do in the early 90s.

Running dd-wrt on a Linksys wrt1900ACS

I supported the promise of an open hardware platform and may soon be able to start using dd-wrt again.

Closed down my G+ account

not deleted, but going inactive. may archive some things to my blog.

Playing a powerpoint on the conference room TV without a laptop

Don't wanna lug your laptop to the conference room just to run a PowerPoint? How to run your Powerpoint from USB (or over the network)

Role-playing Related Web Series

A list of the role-playing related web series I've watched (and enjoyed)

Moving out of Wordpress and into picocms

Over the last year I've tested out a bunch of different approaches to flat file web publishing and I've finally settled on one.

Convert .GHO to .VDI for use in Virtualbox in Win7

My notes on the steps I took to convert a Ghost image into a file I could run in Virtualbox

Brown Bess Musket

The main weapon during the American Revolution

Face of first Brit revealed

the surprising face of stone age Briton

Linux is used for making movies

...and not just movies you've never heard of either

Starfleet Order 104: Section C

a timely reminder

Nor'easter blows through

I watch it roll in on my old barometer

Social media is ripping apart society

when social media execs start saying this you should probably listen

Yahoo sues Mozilla

and that's just another reason to hate Yahoo

Firefox 55+ crashing on armv7

Firefox Quantum considers arm devices second class citizens

adding markdown syntax highlighting to notepad++

Strange as it seems, markdown isn't one of the languages that notepad++ recognizes. Here's how you can add it.

Malwarebytes flags Firefox as malicious for checking Certificates?

Really just an excuse to talk about certificates, authorities, and how the whole thing seems to be horribly broken.

Veterans of the Psychic Wars

and where that actually came from

Russian facebook ads do have influence

social media sharing of relatively inexpensive ads has a multiplying effect

Fake accounts on social media

no matter what side you're on, you need to understand this

The myth that iOS is easier to use

or how people tend to like things they are already used to.

Virtualbox in Win7 bridged network no adapter

just some notes on getting it working

One year with my ASUS C201 Chromebook

Bought on a whim, this tiny chromebook quickly became my go-to device mainly because it was light, turns on immediately, and I could get 90% of my work done on it.

The Pink Palace was torn down

a dorm I stayed in for two summers is torn down and I strangely feel remorseful over it.

Hold music from an old android

a DIY hold music solution using an old tablet that was laying around

Slow wifi with Intel 7265 iwlwifi on Arch

my notes from struggling with this chip transformed into a blog post

Why I do not use Bing or Yahoo for search

paid malware adverts served up by tech giants we're supposed to trust?

Illegals have no rights!

why people in the US illegally have (at least some) Constitutional rights and why those who claim they don't (Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity) are wrong.

In Memory of Rich Conaty

in memory of a man who kept the music of the early 20th century alive

A Musical Christmas Card to you

a quick little ensemble brings you some Joy at Christmas

Windows 10 Express Spying Settings

The Last of the Magicians

the strange story of a rocket scientist who dabbled in the occult

The Apple upgrade mill rings the juice out of me

Windows 7 updates stuck

Fix for Firefox typing delay and slow scrolling

Finding the perfect netbook-sized laptop

Microsoft support forums run Linux

oh, the irony

My Raspberry Pi 2 Minecraft server

Users are the weak link

Upgrading Samsung S3 to Lollipop 5.1.1

A couple books about the history of D&D

just a quick mention for a couple books I read recently

Removal of F8 a good example of why I hate Windows

Can I run this thing on my 100W Solar panel?

Quadrantid meteor shower and observing session

Ian Murdock, founder of Debian, dead at 42 under strange circumstances

OpenELEC runs great on the Raspberry Pi2

Albert Einstein on Private Capital

I think most of us would agree he was a pretty smart guy

New lulu book, beach walk, some updates, and wake-on-lan

Junk yard radio is good enough

Still using Arch on my Thinkpad T410s, but not with KDE anymore

Using a laptop in the office - product recommendations

Printing to Canon MX860 wirelessly from Arch Linux

Crontab reference

Vikings vs. 1980s Space Guys

Using i3 on my Arch USB flash drive

Solo gig at SCVF Emerald Society meeting

Nice night at the Grey Horse

Orphaned Google Talk connections in psi

Irish Music at Kings Park Day

Upgrading the Macbook to Ubuntu 14.04

Traditional session at the Grey Horse Tavern

Arch Linux on bootable, persistent USB drive

The tale of the transmitter (or "signs of aging")

Peavey Backstage Plus still rockin'

Old LG Optimus S (LS670) seems new again with Cyanogenmod

Increase disk size of Ubuntu guest running in VMware

My take on tablets

Plato was not a mystic

First ride in 9 weeks

An Epicurian argument

Recent status and projects update

1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual

Welcome Back!

First ride of 2013

Playing Dwarf Fortress

Installing Cyanogenmod on ASUS Transformer TF101

Youtube TV control from my android tablet

Thoughts on the recent shooting in CT

Fixing my 19" Samsung LCD monitor

Thomas Jefferson on News

Warcraft III on Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu breathes new life into old MacBook

East coast weather satellite GOES dark

Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfetones CRM for Google Apps impresses

Microsoft Surface Pro

Buddy at Benner's Farm

Great weekend

Tribble training

Dark Tower on android

Unfinished post about over the air TV

Creating the Book of Song

In which anonymous shopping costs me more

Super Star Trek in Python

Superbowl for paying customers only

Why are we opposed to SOPA and PIPA?

Somebody that I used to know

Temple of Elemental Evil in Ubuntu with wine

Software patents stifle innovation

Old media and hardware obsolescene

A few weeks with an android tablet, app picks

Carrier IQ meets the FBI

Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

Occupy didn't annoy residents as much as Port Authority construction did (and still does).

minitube is what TV should be

My EliteBook FAILs, back to the Mac (long)

Go fly a Dyna-kite!

Thomas Jefferson on patents

The news they don't want you to see

Being Caucasian is an unfortunate defect

Dawn over Vesta

Old school meets new school

StoryCorps animations

9/11 murders in perspective

A quick peek at Jupiter and her moons

Quake II lives again!

Post Irene Ride at Cathedral

Virginia Earthquake felt in NY!

Google Earth in Ubuntu 11.04

Pennsic XL postmortem

Google+ and pseudonyms

Fixing Google+ circles

text-mode location bar in Ubuntu 11.04

Does comment quality indicate content quality?

The Hobbit video blog

HP EliteBook 8460p and Ubuntu

facebook's days are numbered

World Discoverer

Why I like (non-commercial) radio and not Pandora

Still no Mac virus

Google to drop support for older browsers

facebook Country Restrictions change

Jon Stewart slashes wrist onscreen

Judgement Day 5/21

The charm of making

Bandwidth caps and the end of the internet as you know it

Clinton on getting the economy going again

Hyphenated Americans

Tuning an electric guitar is different

The problem with pensions

First ride of 2011

Anime for kids?

Super Perigee Moon tonight

The Tenor Mandola

Your tax money paying for political hit jobs?

How he scammed the CIA (or Your tax dollars at work)

Collective bargaining is an international obligation

Can we blame Wikileaks for fomenting democracy?

Roleplaying online - RPTools virtual game table

Should we consider cyber attacks acts of war?

Why I still don't have a smart phone

Robot with biological brain

Another Wizwar game

Robin Hood's Thyng

Stuff to do, keeping on task

Giffords on extremism

Is time leaky?

New Years, 2011 GMT

Accidentally deleted most of my posts in Wordpress

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Christmas peace

Facebook can track you even if you don't have an account

King Tut at Discovery Times Square Expo

Thanksgiving weekend journal, 2010

Wondering about The Wonder Years

Tax cut quandry

Retro gaming: Warcraft II on Ubuntu

Blogging in the age of Facebook

Boycott crappy news programs

Trudeau on satirizing Obama

The Juan Williams flap at NPR

Tax the poor, at least they'll pay it.

George Takei on NPR

FOXNews doesn't like my comments

Google apps upgrades!

Killed my Buzz

As you like it

All your (data) base are belong to us

Sarah Palin is a Socialist (even if she denies it)

Tesla's last stand

The Mexican insurgency

Dreamhost Promo Code for 2 years

Google Voice es sólo en Inglés?

Personal Pennsic

Keeping tabs on Pennsic from afar

Social networking info leaks

Peafowl on the loose

180° SOUTH is powerful

First impressions of the B&N Nook

Quick ride at Rocky Point

A new Roll2d6 podcast!

Another nice ride at CP

Reading gedcom files

Facebook account deleted

Riding Galcier Ridge

Union Memorial Day

Yet another bike ride

Natually born coincidence

Blocking facebook's open graph

Doctor Who missing episodes

Is the health care bill Constitutional?

Poor man's web content filter

The end of America?

Pompeii body casts

How Christian were the founders?

The Parliament of Fowls

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition FAIL

Using Buzz

Dana Morgan Harrington found dead

Grundig S350 radio

Over the air HDTV antenna

shocker: Sarah Palin was politically ignorant

RUSH Facebook de-Faced

Canceling cable

Star Trek 12 in 2012

Scammers and spammers

Linux on Airbus

Army Builder on a Mac and mobile output

Dominion card game

Global warming conspiracy emails

Facebook privacy changes

Spirit still stuck

BBC Horizon (1982) - The Mysterious Tesla

Just a theory

Why your health insurance costs so much

Autumn leaves

raking leaves my way

Personal computer archaeology

reviewing the massive amount of data I've accumulated and thinking about organizing it a bit.

Printing my online writings

the idea of putting all my digital detritus into some kind of order and printing it

A type written message from the past

About my Warhammer battle reports

I put together an army of Dwarves and pit them against Gobos and Empire troops

What happened to the Posse Comitatus Act?

Let my dataset change your mindset

Obama's speech to schoolchildren

Some poetry: After the Battle

by the Irish poet Thomas Moore

True tempered guitar necks

the strange looking fretboard that plays in tune

Google opens up 1 million public domain books

Health Care

Can Obamacare fix our economy's biggest problem?

Reduce US air conditioning costs by 20%

eliminate black asphalt roof tiles in the south

Why isn't that guitar in tune?

because it might not be possible

Nethack sucks (you in)

Opportunity to go over the cliff

Hudson Valley Geo

Summary of notes from a Geology field trip up the NYS Thruway

Opportunity is almost there!

Only bored when you're boring

Bought a mountain bike

Microsoft's voice non-recognition

Palm pilot resurrection

Lightning damage

Slainte Irish Festival

Bush study: public schools better