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Welcome! This is a personal website where I (Nate) expound upon and sometimes rant about various things of interest to me. note to self: a tag cloud might help here. I've been running my own site since the mid 1990s and secured this domain name in 2003. There's some more specific information about what you'll find here on the about page or you might wish to read the site history page for details about the various softwares I've used to power it over the years.

Long time readers will notice there have been changes around here.
My blog posts and music pages are still linked prominently along the top of the page and there are links to some other stuff in the dropdown menu. Almost everything else has been removed or locked down a bit. My Gallery has been under massive attack so its now only available to logged in users. My Blosxom notes page has been taken down entirely. I hope to integrate some of those posts here someday.

While many things are not yet fully sorted and blog posts from 2000 through 2009 are still not currently available - the site is definitely up and running and I hope to be posting a little more often again.

All the past comments have been removed although I may add some of the more interesting comments back in to relevant pages as I find time. Going forward I have decided to connect the site up to the Disqus community to provide commenting functionality.