Bardic Circle - Samhain, MMVIII

more musicians and more merry music making in the medieval inspired genre

As more folks joined our merry troupe, practices and recordings got more complicated. It became more difficult just to rehearse and learn new tunes so recording naturally took a back seat. While we were getting together now with our friends Sport and Cate Moran, Sean and Ailene Caviliere, and Aonghus there weren't very many recordings of us playing together. Tim hadn't written very many new songs, and was mainly concentrating on learning some of the Irish standards I knew as we both were getting more serious about playing out. I wanted to make another CD to pass out at the Samhain event in October of 2008 but most of the recordings I had, while they were tunes we were working up as a group were mainly just my versions of them which had been made to help folks learn the tunes. Tim eventually came to own a lot of these songs, but only after I had made the CD. In a way, this CD marks the end of me and Tim fooling around and our starting to get more serious about sounding better as a group - unfortunately, the recordings here are at the very beginning of that transition.

We adopted the name Bardic Circle sometime shortly after the CD was made.

01  Lord Randal
02  Mermaid
03  As I Roved Out
04  Colins Shabeen
05  Come Out Ye Black and Tans
06  Drowsy Maggie
07  Twa Corbies
08  Reynardine
09  Rising of the Moon
10  Real Old Mountain Dew
11  Good Ale
12  Greenland Whale Fisheries
13  Shan Van Vocht
14  Star of the County Down
15  Spancil Hill
16  Steal Away
17  Heres a Health