Identity Crisis

more attempts at writing songs but perhaps a little angrier

This is the second of the 2 CD compilation I did in about 2000 for a bunch of the tunes I had recorded in 1990 / 1991. These tunes had a little harder edge. There are some backwards guitar tracks, distortion, feedback, a song built around a segment of Monty Python's Holy Grail skit, and I had used a Yamaha synthesizer for a bunch of cheesy parts. There are considerably less sappy tunes, mostly pushed out by darker topics including the occult and drug abuse. Possibly the strangest version of Day Tripper ever recorded. One song ended up as a (particularly bad) video which is still one of the only videos I've posted that have been downvoted, though anything called "God is a Liar" was probably asking for it.


Despite the opening of the video this was NOT a Ralph and the Dry Heaves song, but we were starting to think about doing that project when this stuff was wrapping up.