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IMG_4369.JPG IMG_4383ThumbnailsDwarves!IMG_4383ThumbnailsDwarves!IMG_4383ThumbnailsDwarves!IMG_4383ThumbnailsDwarves!IMG_4383ThumbnailsDwarves!IMG_4383ThumbnailsDwarves!IMG_4383ThumbnailsDwarves!
This is a crappy picture, but I don't feel like setting it up to take another one right now. It's mainly to show my home made magnetic unit trays. I picked up some 5" wide nail plates at Lowes (55 cents each), then glued those to some left over wood kitchen kick plates I had. Then I grabbed some old business card magnets that had business cards on them I didn't need anymore and chopped them up with an Xacto blade and glued little squares of it to the bottom of the Dwarves. The wood makes it a lot easier to pick up and since the finished side is down, it slides pretty easily.
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Canon Canon PowerShot S30
Canon PowerShot S30
2009:01:12 23:32:22