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Our plan was to tell anyone that asked that we are a fearsome band of adventurers and nothing more, but if truth be told we had sold everything we owned to purchase what little we now carried on our backs and had packed up to leave our circus troupe to start our new lives only this morning. Entering the small town we were very soon facing the reality of our new life choices - several villagers who were desperately trying to fight off five foul undead skeletons in the street sieze the opportunity to flee just as the creatures turn to face us.

Francis LaFrank is a Dwarven priest of Grungni and sadly the most charasmatic of the crew was once a mere side show "freak" at least in villages where they had never heard of Dwarves. Glinda the wizard has been on many more adventures than the rest of us but after battling narcolepsy had ended up doing parlor tricks under a big top. We are assured that is she now cured of this ailment but her elitist half-elven snobbishness is again beginning to assert itself. Our paladin, a human fighter named Steve (formerly the strongman) seems compelled to fight the Good fight as it were, while Wong the monk once a juggler and master of the trapeze now slings a staff almost as competently while watching the rest of us warily.

Soon after dispatching the mob of skeletons another two, these more heavily armed and imposing, appeared behind us. Francis was able to turn them by the power of Grungni and they ran away and did not return. Worried they yet might, we quickly gathered up the weapons of our vanquished foes and armed the villagers, organizing them into as much of a resistance as could be done in just a few minutes. Talking with the villagers we learned that the crumbling stone tower at the end of town was once inhabited by a wizard but has been abandoned for many years and that they don't know what may have brought on the recent attacks.

Entering the tower we set the door fast and begin to search. The tower has 6 stories each accessed by a spiral staircase, and we proceeded to search and investigate as we climb it. A fountain on the wall of one floor healed anything dipped in it through some magical means but we found that we could not carry away the liquid in a vessel. Another room higher up was guarded by a floating skull like apparation. Higher up we were attacked by a poltergeist who threw various objects at us until the Dwarf destroyed some magical runes on the floor.

It may have been this poltergeist who appeared through the wall and identified himself as the evil wizards former apprentice. He asked our aid in the destruction of a Phylactery hidden on the top floor which contained the life force of the wizard who had become a Liche. This was discovered in the form of a chalice only after lighting 10 torches in a specific order while walking a symbol carved on the floor of the top level of the tower without repeating any portion of the path. There was some worry that the destruction of the chalice might actually unleash a terrible force that had been bound within it, but eventually Francis decided to smash it and see. The resulting explosion of energy left all members of the group feeling strangely more effective in that specific part of their nature most critical to success in their given class.
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