Em report, TI-85

Emily took her first nap in a real bed today, since she has realized that she can easily scale the gate of her crib. She’s a real little girl now. Cathy is reading to her on the bed now, she’s in her jammies and has her pooh bear and blankie, and seems very much into just hangin out on her new bed.

Probably one of the more useful things I learned today had to do with using my TI-85. The TI-85 is a graphing calculator I had to buy in 1994 for Calculus 1. It wasn’t the latest and greatest even then as you can tell by the raised lettering molded into the plastic case that reads 1991 in tiny, almost invisible letters, now almost completely obliterated by scratches and knicks. But it is still a standard tool in a lot of schools (once you get something into the schools, you milk it!) Besides, there’s a lot of support on the net and great freeware utilities and add-ons for data gathering and such. The screen isn’t that great, and it uses an old Z80 processor which has been around since the late 1980’s at least, but I finally learned how to do something on it that I have been completely unable to figure out which makes it a lot more useful: I was so frustrated in Structural lab on Tuesday (Prof Davis) when I was taking data points and then couldn’t simply plot them on my calculator. It seemed ridiculous that I had a graphing calculator and yet couldn’t easily graph stuff!

As it turned out, you can use [2nd LIST] to edit and name a list. These lists are available in the [STAT] menu where you can [Edit] and choose one to take the place of the xlist (independant) variable and edit the ylist variable for the dependant variable. Once a table of values is ready, [EXIT] and choose [DRAW] where [SCAT] and [xyLINE] will plot it up for you. This is so cool, since there are many times when you want to do some data gathering on the fly and see results in a graph and using this its easy. I was at work some months ago and Neocles wanted to do that and asked me to bring the calculator, but I hadn’t a clue at that time!

Don Piper Situation in NYC

Left the house at 7:30 to swing by the bank and get cash, I was taking my time, because even though I knew it would be a better idea if I took the train in, it would be a lot more convenient to drive the hour or so to the city and I was purposely dawdling so I would get to the train station and miss the train leaving me no choice. However, when I got to Ronkonkoma station, the train was still there, and I decided to park and get on (still thinking it might leave me there on the platform and then I would still be able to drive in with a clear conciense). The doors began to close just as I got onto the platform, and I figured it was fate so I hopped on.

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The universe is flat and other stuff

I found the following links on http://slashdot.org tonight and thought you might find them interesting (as an aside, I found it interesting that the Journal Nature has a website and you can read it online)

Original Nature article (link dead in March, 2008)

Pared down BBC Synopsis

Seth, Aron, Ned and I went to go see the Mets play the Cubs last weekend which was a lot of fun. We also almost got hit by Eric Young’s left field foul off the fourth pitch of the game (it hit a girl two seats up instead – who was helped out of the stands, but later came back to watch the game with an icepack plastered to her head.) Then we parked at Ned’s and took the F over to the village and saw three different bands on Bleeker Street for Seth’s bachelor party