Do you remember those character based games where you were an “@” symbol and you adventured around in dungeons whose walls were lines of “###”s? Do you lust after slaying the evil “s” (skeleton) lurking on the other side of the “+” (door)? Well, get ready to adventure! These types of games are all variants of the venerable NETHACK and you can find a Nethack that runs on nearly any operating system around (yes, even Amiga), but my personal favourite is ANGBAND, maybe because its loosely based on LOTR, but maybe because its the slickest one I’ve seen. Incredibly complex and just like the good old hack and slays of old, check this one out NOW.

I tried to play music today…

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I dragged out the guitars and an amp. I got some lyric sheets ready, and plugged in. My eldest was strumming on the acoustic, and I fiddled around on the Gibson for a bit, but there was nothing there. I thought about revisiting CORN, but it only sounds good when I play it as a straight 1-4-5 piece on the acoustic. I tried YOUNGER, but by that time she was completely done with music. Her dollies were tired, she said and my playing was keeping them awake. I put everything away.

Furniture delivery from hell

It’s 10 minutes to 11pm. Dog barking, I go to answer the door. I am greeted by a delivery person with furniture slung over his shoulder. “You’ve got a delivery?”, he half asks, half tells me. I stare in disbelief. Surely this guy can’t be serious. I’m hoping my daughter hasn’t been woken up by the barking dog. I’m wondering if the wife will stumble out of bed and try to get dressed in the dark and trip over the bag I left in the hall earlier. “Yeah,” I begin, “earlier today.” The lead guy turns to go. “They don’t want it!”, he yells to the truck. I close the door, and lock it, perhaps he’s bluffing and thinks I will relent, so eager for the coveted furniture as I must be. If so, he’s in for a surprise, because at this point I am so disgusted by the atrocious service of this place that I don’t even want the furniture anymore. I sure didn’t want it dragged in my house at 11 O’Clock at night, with little girl woken from sleep, dog barking and snarling, pregnant wife forced out of the bed they had so kindly left for her after delivering the incorrect set the first time around and trying to tell her it was what we ordered. To be left (again) with about 100 pounds of cardboard, wood, styrofoam and plastic sheeting on my lawn to dispose of as best I can. The last stuff took me an hour to prepare for the garbage guys and that in minus 10 degree weather. I do not have fond memories of that duty. “Oh, the drivers aren’t allowed to take the wrapping back to the warehouse” they had lamented.

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Is music just a background track to my life?

So many other people are able to keep music alive in their lives, while for some reason, I cannot find a convenient time when I am inspired enough to pick up the guitar or the ‘cello and play. Todd brought his POD and a very nice acoustic Gibson along when he came to visit. We spent more time playing with the computer and talking about politics than music, although we did trade some mp3s, or at least we attempted to. I went to see Derrick Trucks Band by myself recently which I suppose might be considered an effort to “keep music alive”. The show was awesome. Terri at work is in what amounts to a disco band and she was having fun playing the company Christmas party. On a side note, the factory I work in seems to be in danger of becoming a real company soon if we don’t do something about it and quick. The role of music in my life has changed so that now it appears to be little more than a background track. This saddens me. I suppose I should make a New Year’s resolution to reverse this trend. As my dad used to say whenever he didn’t want to do something but didn’t want to argue about it, “we’ll see”.

Derek Trucks

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It was pouring, a fine Nor’Easter was blowin’. I had called everyone I knew that might be into going and here its Saturday night at 5 O’Clock and nobody had called me back! I had heard DTB on WUSB a bunch of times and they sounded like the funkiest,kickinest,rockinest rock/jazz/fusion/ funkadelic band I had heard in a while, so I was really into going even if I had to go by myself. At the last minute, Mike B from work said he would go though, so I figgered I had company. I called up for tickets and all they had was two individual seats and some folding chairs at the IMAC in Huntington. Figuring Mike might not be pleased with that arrangement, I called back to let him know. He backed out, so I was left with my decision again. The wind slammed against the windows, gusting to about 28 mph, it wasn’t too dangerous so I split. MAN was I not dissapointed. If you get a chance to see this group of guys, DO IT. The atmosphere is sorta laid back, Phish-like, with lots of tie-dies and stuff.