Vikings vs. 1980s Space Guys

I was getting stuff together to visit family this holiday and last minute I received an email from my brother with a picture of a bunch of Lego minis arranged as shown entitled “My Army Awaits”. His kids are still very young, and since he’s running after them all the time I didn’t think he’d want to lug his Warhammer Fantasy Battle army out or have time to play, but his picture was the perfect catalyst for a kid friendly version.

While we were hanging out I threw together an impromptu fantasy battle game with the kids using Lego. This was to be a short and fast game, comparable to what might be less than 1000 points of units in a real game. The rules were a watered down Warhammer Fantasy Battle which I refereed and interpereted as questions arose. I let the kids put together the respective “armies” and then came up with these rules on the spot as we were playing. The armies, which were roughly equal, were allowed a couple of special units. On one side were the Vikings (this was predetermined by my brother’s earlier work with his 6yo son creating that army) who emerged from their Keep to discover that they were under siege by 1980’s era Space Guys (run by my high school age daughter).

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Roleplaying online – RPTools virtual game table

Roleplaying used to be a bigger part of my life and I really miss it. There are a bunch of excuses I regularly use to explain away why I don’t play that much anymore, but the main reason is pretty much what I’ve heard from a lot of other people – the gaming group I used to play with don’t live nearby anymore and getting everyone together physically at the same time to play is difficult to impossible. The idea of using a virtual game table over the internet isn’t new, and it appears there are lots of options for online roleplaying. The hard part is settling on one that will work for everyone. The solution has to be easy to install and use, preferably cheap or free.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition FAIL

I’ve been playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle (See my WFB Pics) lately and had a vague idea of adding in some roleplay aspects to the games (to flesh out the time between battles). The only roleplaying I’ve done recently has been some few D&D 3.5 games which have left me sort of flat and thinking back to some of the epic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFR) games I’ve had in the past I wondered if maybe I should just go back to that. The WFB games would certainly dovetail better into the WFR milieu. The WFR I’ve played in the past was 2nd edition. Aspects of that system I loved included the career system and the use of percentile chance dice. The writing was great and the fantasy world was well fleshed out. That’s what led me to look into the new WFR 3rd edition recently rewritten and released by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).
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About my Warhammer battle reports

Earlier this year I decided to finally put together a Warhammer Fantasy Battle army, get it painted and otherwise fixed up with the aim of playing against some friends who may also have hoarded boxes of these tiny figures around their house years ago. I never played very much of Games Workshop‘s Fantasy Battle “back in the day” even though I had so many of the figures, mostly because I had never taken the time to get them arranged and painted properly, but also because I had never actually learned the rules.
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