Iran reformers confess!

The New York Times is reporting that top Iranian reform leaders have confessed their treasonous desire to topple the government with a “velvet revolution”. Velvet revolution is the term used to describe the non-violent movement that overthrew Communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989. The reform leaders confessed to taking “training courses” outside the country (bolstering the governments claim that the unrest was the result of foreign intervention).
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Cheney finally admits no Iraq – 9/11 link

Six years after the invasion of Iraq, Dick Cheney has finally admitted there was no link between the people that attacked us on 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. Meaning of course, that thousands of patriotic young men and women rushed to stave off the horrible threat of an Iraq/Al Queda alliance that never actually existed.

“I do not believe, and I have never seen any evidence, that he was involved in 9/11.”

Cheney still isn’t taking any responsibility for this “mistake”, oh no – it was all bad intel from the CIA of course – mainly George Tenet, though more information seems to point to the Bush team *ignoring* the agency’s information than actually using it.

It became pretty clear to everyone as early as 2004 after the extensive investigation by the 9/11 Commission that there wasn’t really any link to Iraq, and that they didn’t have any WMDs. Even before then, people were realizing that Dick and others in PNAC had planned an invasion of Iraq for years and that 9/11 provided the perfect excuse.

The actual perpetrators of 9/11, a small rag-tag gang of dirt bags in the hills near Pakistan could wait – Americans were pissed off and it was time to trick them into doing exactly what old Dick wanted to do. This is just guesswork, but I think the Bush/Cheney team concocted a story to draw a false link between that gang and our old favorite villain Saddam, then have their legal staff write up some opinions that would get them off the hook for torturing some of the dirt bags they caught in order to get them to confess such a link did exist. Trouble is, the torture method didn’t work very well – perhaps because after the first 100 simulated drownings the hapless victims figured out they weren’t going to actually be killed?

In any case – Dick has been on the news a lot lately. Probably a lot more than someone who flunked out of Yale and dodged the draft should be if the topic is strategic military analysis, anyway.

Protecting America or himself?

Dick Cheney would have us believe that torturing prisoners made Americans safer, that the information we gained by tying up some of these creeps and drowning them almost to the point of death hundreds of times was vital to protecting American lives. But what if we find out that he had actually tortured some of them BEFORE the war got shifted to Iraq (and away from our clear enemy Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan) in order to get them to admit a link to Saddam Hussein in Iraq? What if it turns out the torturing was done purely for political reasons so they could make the case to invade Iraq and take over the oil fields there (one of the biggest producers in the middle east)? Wouldn’t that make these orders obviously illegal?
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Defending torture!?

The recent release of CIA memos detailing the harsh interrogation methods authorized by the Bush administration has brought forward a seemingly unending stream of formerly influential mucky-mucks to decry the release as a terrible move that will make the US less safe. I’m not surprised by their attitude at all – if the public were to find out about all the terrible things that were done in their name, they might actually start calling to prosecute some of these criminals. How dare I say such things?
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Impeach Bush?

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has once again introduced articles of impeachment against George Bush (he’s done so before but the Dems have decided it wasn’t in their best interest to pursue them). Will they, once again, be ignored? Impeachment is merely a rebuke. It carries no punitive weight other than public embarrassment, but for some reason speaking out against injustice, corruption, and abuse of power hasn’t been very much in vogue during the last few years. Hard to believe this nation believes that sexual trysts in the white house rise to the level of impeachment while the following real crimes do not, but it appears to be so.

I’ve posted a handy list of the articles below. For a full accounting behind each see the document posted here. If true, I would be particularly interested in hearing Bush’s justification for the charges in Article XX: “The continued detention of such children, some as young as 10, by the US military is a violation of both convention and protocol, and as such constitutes a war crime for which the president, as commander in chief, bears full responsibility.” since the Geneva convention clearly states that children younger than 15 are to be treated as victims, not combatants.

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