My take on tablets

Call me old school, or out of touch (pun intended) but as big a fan of tablets and the touch-screen enabled operating systems (OS) that run them that I am, I just don’t see these devices replacing laptops. I’m a huge Star Trek fan, and I recognize the tablet form factor as the classic PADD from that series. Sometimes with a stylus, sometimes without – it was supposed to be the ultimate informational portal, like unto the paper notebook or legal pad which dominated offices and campuses the world over (at least until this decade) but gone digital with access to a vast computer database at the user’s fingertips.

But there are some logistical problems with tablets that aren’t so apparent onscreen but become so once you’re trying to get things done using one.

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Microsoft Surface Pro

Right before I left tonight a consultant we work with on occasion was in and showed me his Win8 tablet and some of the stuff he’s been working on.  The software doesn’t look terribly different from his older stuff just formatted for the touchscreen, but what I was interested in was his tablet.  Although he didn’t say so, it looks like the Surface Pro which is the Microsoft tablet that has a desktop class processor in it (which means it competes against laptops as opposed to the slower ARM based Surface RT which competes more with the iPad and a slew of android tablets.  The two models are discussed in this article. My first thoughts follow…

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A few weeks with an android tablet, app picks

A few weeks back I got an ASUS transformer which is ostensibly an android (3.2) tablet, but with the “optional” docking keyboard its more like a netbook running android.  It was shortly after testing an Acer Iconia A500 for work that I decided I couldn’t live without one of these things and ran over to Best Buy and let them pry some cold hard cash out of my hands.  I had some vague idea that it would be great for reading online mags, checking email, and the occasional game but beyond that I really just wanted to become more familiar with Android.  Its been a couple weeks now and I have a much better idea of what it can do, and more importantly what it can’t.

If you’re not interested in my typical blathering just scroll to the end of the story for my android app recommendations.

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