facebook’s days are numbered

No, this isn’t a Google+ story. First a little history…

Unless you were in an Ivy league school in early 2004 into 2005 or in high school for the 2006 school year, you probably hadn’t even heard of facebook before 2007. Opening to the masses in late 2006 (much to the disappointment of those select and happy few groups mentioned above), facebook hoped to take on social media giant MySpace which had been the leader (and arguably the creator if you ignore friendster) of the space since 2004. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp bet on Myspace in 2005 to the tune of 580 million dollars and poured more money into it, opening UK and China based sites under the same brand. It wasn’t until April of 2008 that Facebook finally overtook Myspace in popularity (according to Alexa ratings) and Myspace began its long, slow decline until Murdoch had to unload it recently for a “mere” 35 million.

The decline of Myspace wasn’t surprising to me. My first Myspace related post was penned in November of 2006 (facebook had been open to the public for only a couple months prior but all my friends were using Myspace to share photos, etc. so I felt compelled to sign up) and that piece pretty well set the tone for all my Myspace posts to follow. I thought that Myspace, as a social platform truly and utterly sucked. I made it my mission to present the case for why Myspace wasn’t worth the effort and I took a lot of flak from friends who were vested in it and saw value there. However, since most of the replies were made on Myspace, and I have long since deleted my account, the comments of those nay sayers are now lost to history.

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More myspace idiocy

So for a while in 2006 I had a myspace page. I saved a bunch of the stories about myspace that I had posted there. I’ve since deleted my account, and I only realize now that I never took a screen shot of it (I like to keep stuff like that) so I can’t post that here, which is too bad really because I did a nice hack job on my page and wrestled it into shape nicely I think – which was no small accomplishment, and I do mean “wrestled” – it was a bigger pain in the ass to code than practically any site I’ve ever messed with. I went back to Myspace to read something today and got slapped again by their idiot layout.
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Profile People

(note: big words have been linked with handy definitions for Myspace readers)

I’ve discovered that the only really interesting sections of Myspace for me is that devoted to bands, but I occasionally get sidetracked. Tonight I spent a few minutes profile-surfing in Myspace, starting with one of my ‘friends’ and tracing through several ‘friends’ removed, investigating these people’s profiles, and I found myself very self-consciously uncomfortable doing so. Most of the profiles I came across…
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Inside Myspace

There’s a Great article at Baseline about the technology behind Myspace. Starting with just a couple Dell servers, to today with almost 200 the article goes into the technical details behind all the upgrades that were necessary over time to keep up with demand. Warning, this article will only interest the IT folks out there who wonder how they would be able to keep up with this kind of growth. [found on slashdot]