Solo gig at SCVF Emerald Society meeting

Bardic Circle was invited to play at the SCVF Emerald Society meeting last night which was hosted by Ridge FD, but since 2/3 of Bardic Circle couldn’t make it on such short notice, I ran out by myself. I usually don’t do solo gigs and I certainly missed Cate’s great harmonies and mandolin as well as Sport’s powerful backup vocals and rythyms but by hooking up my Boss looper, I was able to layer a couple of guitar tracks and jam over them with the fiddle to make the instrumental tunes fuller. I mixed it up for a couple hours before and a shorter time after the meeting with a lot of traditional songs and fiddle tunes. Food was great (thanks, Steve, for making me a plate for the meeting), and everyone was very welcoming and appreciative! Hung out with Bart, Matt, and their newest probie after helping to lug the leavings of dinner back to the sub station.


Nice night at the Grey Horse

I ran down to the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport again to see Luke Powers and Bernadette Fee make the rafters roar once again, but also to say good luck to Austin who will be heading down to start his new life with Raleigh FD. I met up with Chief McKenna and the Honorable Kate Browning and a couple of Austin’s buddies there and what a fantastic time we had! Great music (beyond great – I’d say, “sublime”) and nice conversation. The bar-tender is attentive and fair, the wait staff friendly and welcoming. I must admit to having nothing but pints so I can’t speak to the food, but James’ fried pickles were incredible (never had those before!). If you get a chance, Sessions are usually the last Thursday in the month.

The Greyhorse in October

Irish Music at Kings Park Day

I met up with John Corr yesterday to play Irish music at Kings Park Day. This street fair is kid friendly and has a wonderful small town America vibe. I found this picture of us in the Kings Park Notebook gallery of the event. I got to play a bunch of fiddle tunes and sing a bunch of ballads I rarely play. The guys from AOH Div 3 who were there were super nice as was Brian Clancy of Brian Clancy’s Realty, our sponsor. The SCPD guys seemed to appreciate us as well – one of them was a piper so already had a love of the music. If I was looking to move, Kings Park would be high up on my list – its really a nice town.


Traditional session at the Grey Horse Tavern

I’ve been down to the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport the last two months in a row to see Luke Powers on Uillean Pipes, Bernadette Fee on fiddle, Pat Coyne (and last time, Tom Falco) on guitar, Jerry Miller on accordian and others at their traditional session on the last thursday of the month. This week I managed to convince a bunch of the guys from the Suffolk Cty FD Emerald Society to drop in since they were nearby meeting at the Bayport FD anyway. I didn’t sit in either time, but sat transfixed the entire time and I did my best to sing along whenever songs were sung.

If you’ve never been, the place has a very Irish pub-like atmosphere, a wonderful hostess, and a great bartender.


Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfetones

Derek Warfield called my buddies Kevin and Nick up on stage to finish their set at St Margeret’s Church in Selden where he was playing as Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfetones. They even pimped our gig the next day at the Hauppauge FD to the crowd (Thanks!). Damaris Woods was absolutely awe inspiring on banjo. Excellent playing by all and great historical stories with tie-ins from Derek to the American struggle for Independence from England.