Celtic/Folk Bands to check out

This is a static version of a dynamic document kept on Google Docs, which is shared with several friends to view and collaborate on over time. The most recent version of the page may be found here. This is basically a list of bands I want to check out, have only begun to investigate, or think are worth sharing – I find new bands by talking to friends, listening to the local college and independent radio stations, or some of several Celtic Folk music podcasts, or internet radio stations.
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Celtic Naming Tales

My five year old daughter wanted to hear a story before bed tonight and I just could not bear the thought of reading one of her stories (again) so I grabbed a book of Celtic Myths off the shelf and read two of my favorite stories: one about how a boy got his name (CuChullainn) and another about how Ireland got its name (Erinn).My favorite part in the second story is the poem Amergin, upon landing on Erin for the first time, recites:

"I am the wind that blows upon the sea
I am the ocean wave
I am the murmur of the surges
I am seven battalions
I am a strong bull
I am an eagle on a rock
I am a ray of the sun
I am the most beautiful of herbs
I am a courageous wild boar
I am a salmon in the water
I am a lake upon the plain
I am a cunning artist
I am a gigantic, sword wielding champion
I can shift my shape like a god…"

These same sentiments are echoed by the Welsh bard Taliesin:
"I have been in many shapes
before I attained congenial form
I have been a narrow blade of a sword
I ahve been a drop in the air
I have been a shining star
I have been a word in a book
I have been a book in the beginning
I have been a light in a lantern a year and a half
I have been a bridge for passing over threescore rivers
I have journeyed as an eagle
I have been a boat on the sea
I have been a director in battle
I have been a sword in the hand
I have been a shield in fight
I have been a sting of a harp
I have been enchanted for a year in the foam of water
There is nothing in which I have not been."