Peafowl on the loose

A friend and I were kicking back in easy chairs in my home office recently, sipping some wonderful Cream Ale that my friend had brewed when the girls burst into the room pointing at the window. “Look! Look outside!” one yelped, “I see our next door neighbor with a camera!” said the other. A bit groggy from the ale, we forced ourselves out of the comfortable chairs and stumbled to peer out the window. “What is it?” I asked. I saw nothing out of the window, but the clamour in the front room told me they were probably seeing something out front now. Making our way in there, we were lucky enough to spy the object of the girls’ excitement – a male Indian peafowl (a peacock) strutting around on the lawn. Peacocks are the national bird of India and Pakistan, and while there are a few in sanctuaries on the Island, as far as I know there aren’t any communities living in the woods hereabouts. Grabbing our cameras we caught some images of this most impressively arrayed fowl, but weren’t lucky enough to see him fan his brilliant plumage.

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Extreme sheep herding

As March unfolds, the lambing season is now passed and the little ones have all “dropped” (also known as being “cut” from the mother). The herd can now be put to higher pastures to feed on the nutritious grass of the surrounding hills. The shepherd being a special breed of man, one endowed with both uncommon patience and even temper has time to ponder the great mysteries of the world. Aided by his most excellently trained dogs his muse hits him…

Humans related to Sharks

Recent genetic studies suggest that Humans and Sharks shared a common ancestor 450 million years ago. At first this might seem unlikely, but humans and sharks do share some traits that aren’t found in fishes – they copulate (internal fertilization), and they bear live young. According to the ABC article, we also share some DNA having to do with our sperm and immune system