In Memory of Rich Conaty

I’ve listened to Rich Conaty most Sunday nights for maybe 25 years now. He didn’t know me, but I feel like I knew him some. He was always there as the week came to its close when I knew I’d have to be getting up in the morning and doing it all again soon. Sadly, Rich won’t be getting up anymore and this is just a quick post of remembrance for him. He will live on in the WFUV collections of the Big Broadcast he compiled over the years and I’m sure I will be listening to them in years to come and thinking of him. If you can’t tune into WFUV locally, you can certainly stream them over the internet. I’ve been pitching the Big Broadcast to folks for years as a great education in the music of the 19 teens, twenties, and thirties and while I will continue to do so now it will be bittersweet. Thanks for all the great tunes, Rich!

In Memory of Rich Conaty, the Big Broadcast WFUV, 90.7 FM NY


Junk yard radio is good enough

One thing I need in a vehicle is a working radio. It doesn’t have to be flashy, or even have bluetooth or a touch screen – I just need it to be able to tune in AM and FM radio and have a clock in it. The Van of Doom didn’t have a radio. It was supposed to have had a radio, but when I went to pick it up (at a used car lot that sells these kinds of used workhorse vans) the radio had gone missing. Probably it had found its way into another van on the guy’s lot for some reason and by the time I was there and wheeling and dealing I just couldn’t be bothered with that detail. I’d been looking for about 2 months and various vans had slipped through my fingers for one reason or another, and this one was just what I was looking for… minus the stereo. I had some funny idea that I would put one of those amazing new touchscreen models in there, maybe with a backup camera since the Van of Doom is very large and ponderous to back up. But when I finally made it to an audio shop to price it out it looked like I wasn’t getting anything installed for less than about $600 and $850 if I wanted that backup camera. Theres no way I was going to drop that kind of coin into this old hunk – its just for hauling stuff around! So I headed over to the local junkyard.
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Solo gig at SCVF Emerald Society meeting

Bardic Circle was invited to play at the SCVF Emerald Society meeting last night which was hosted by Ridge FD, but since 2/3 of Bardic Circle couldn’t make it on such short notice, I ran out by myself. I usually don’t do solo gigs and I certainly missed Cate’s great harmonies and mandolin as well as Sport’s powerful backup vocals and rythyms but by hooking up my Boss looper, I was able to layer a couple of guitar tracks and jam over them with the fiddle to make the instrumental tunes fuller. I mixed it up for a couple hours before and a shorter time after the meeting with a lot of traditional songs and fiddle tunes. Food was great (thanks, Steve, for making me a plate for the meeting), and everyone was very welcoming and appreciative! Hung out with Bart, Matt, and their newest probie after helping to lug the leavings of dinner back to the sub station.


Nice night at the Grey Horse

I ran down to the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport again to see Luke Powers and Bernadette Fee make the rafters roar once again, but also to say good luck to Austin who will be heading down to start his new life with Raleigh FD. I met up with Chief McKenna and the Honorable Kate Browning and a couple of Austin’s buddies there and what a fantastic time we had! Great music (beyond great – I’d say, “sublime”) and nice conversation. The bar-tender is attentive and fair, the wait staff friendly and welcoming. I must admit to having nothing but pints so I can’t speak to the food, but James’ fried pickles were incredible (never had those before!). If you get a chance, Sessions are usually the last Thursday in the month.

The Greyhorse in October